Shame on the Church

In response to this article in the New York Times on Sexual Abuse:

It takes such tremendous courage and strength to come forward and speak the truth of past abuse, especially after years of hiding it. How can the general population then turn around and say that its strange that it took the ‘accusers’ so long to come forward? It takes years sometimes to come to terms with the reality of what has been done to you, or even remember that it has even happened, and even more years to gain the self-acceptance and power to do something about it. Why don’t people understand this and have a bit more sympathy for the victims instead of for the perpetrators in these cases? Most victims don’t come forward right away and it’s because of fear of being persecuted by
those they love, their stories not being believed or diminished to mean nothing.

The Sandusky trial is just another example of brave men coming forward and not being heard! There comes a point where you just can’t hide anymore, where what people think means less than the truth being heard. Getting justice is more important than the fear of being shunned or stigmatized.

People who abuse children should be punished no matter how long ago the abuse occurred. They
committed a crime and just because time has passed shouldn’t exempt them from serving the time or paying the price for the pain and suffering they caused. There is a war out there, a silent war, but children of abuse are starting to gain strength, to fight back. These abusers are war criminals and they should be brought to justice.

Politicians, major religious leaders and other who hold a position of power need to speak louder on this issue because the statistics show that some of them have been abused themselves or at least know someone who has. This issue is prevalent and we survivors need people in positions of power to step out of the dark shroud of shame and into the lit realm of truth where justice will be served, where those who have committed crimes of abuse against innocent children will have to pay the consequences for those choices.