Putting A Game in Perspective

Yesterday, the NCAA severly sactioned Penn State’s Football Program, effectively demoting the program to also-ran status.  Perhaps now, we can reflect on crime itself and our collective responsibilties as a society.

It is time for us to grow up.

The most gauling thing the last few day in the aftermath of the NCAA imposing penalties on Penn State Fooball is the outcry of unfairness and protection of the innocents – the food vendors, the student athletes, and the fans.  The realities of the situation are lost on many, with most people arguing nothing more than the outcome of a team’s ability to play a game. The true innocents were the victims themselves.  How selfish of us as a society to place a game in higher esteem than the safety and security of our children.

Collegiate football is merely a game and a diversion from the academic tenents of a University.  The fact that this game was protected at the expense of children is reprehensible.

The NCAA and Big Ten punishments levied are a stark reminder of a game’s place in academia, the student body, the alumni and the fans. While only a few members of the Penn State Adminstration were directly culpable, no one is innocent.

Penn State may have lost their “prestigious” football games and some excitement for fall Saturdays, the point of higher education is to build learnered individuals who are prepared for life’s challenges.

Life is not fair.

The Sandusky Victims can attest to this.