Professor Karney has been teaching lawyers and law students the art of law for over 23 years. Attendees and students call her Inspiring, motivating and passionate. “Shari has ‘a gift for teaching and communicating with audiences of every kind.” Shari has taught Constitutional Law, Evidence, Professional Responsibility and “How to Think, Write and Speak Like a Lawyer”, at several law schools in Southern California.

Professor Karney has been an Adjunct Professor at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles.

Karney along with a high profile Catholic Church victim’s rights attorney introduced an innovative course at Loyola Law School to teach future lawyers, how to successfully litigate third party and individual sexual abuse cases. She wrote a first-of-its-kind manual entitled: “Child Sexual Abuse Litigation Reader.” Shari believes that in order for survivors of sexual assault to be treated justly and fairly by the legal system, young law students and attorneys need to be educated on the issue. Multi-level skills and training are needed to help survivors get the justice they so desperately deserve.

We are connected through the bonds of shared experience and, together we speak as one heart, one soul, one voice.
-- Shari Karney