Justice for Victims of Child Sexual Abuse Bob Jones University: Shari Karney, Attorney at Law

Justice for Victims of Child Sexual Abuse-Attorney Shari Karney

Dark Secrets in the Pews:
At Bob Jones University, victims of child sexual abuse were told that “speaking up would damage ‘the cause of Christ.’

On the University campus in Greenville, S.C. students are forbidden to listen to popular music, watch television and movies and to avoid clothing that “glorify ” the lustful spirit of our age. But it turns out, that it isn’t television, music or movies that are glorifying the lustful spirit of our age, but actually abuser’s who come from inside the “bubble” of the evangelical Christian church.

One example, a board member, alumus and pastor of a large church, had been accused of covering up a rape within his congregation and publicly shaming the victim.

Victims have been told “Don’t go to the police because no one will believe you, to defer to authority like your father or especially some one in the church.”  Child sexual abuse victims are told that if they report it, “You hurt the body of Christ.”

It is my opinion that Christ  would be appalled at the behavior of Bob Jones University, would protect, love and support victims, and would rage against the offenders, overturning tables, ending the suffering, drying the tears of the ravaged children, now adults. Where are the true Christians? Where are those in the church who risk acting Christ-like, and do what is right, just, and honorable for church victims of child sexual abuse?

The legal system, though imperfect, can help church victims receive justice.  Maybe then, Universities such as Bob Jones University, will be motivated to help victims speak up, stop blaming and shaming the victims, institute reporting and accountability changes, zero tolerance policies,  and a church environment that Christ would be proud of.
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