Shari Karney is an indefatigable force who uses her legal expertise to champion the rights of women and children, and she does so with passion. A driving influence who has the guts to get laws passed, she used her experience in and out of the courthouse to help pioneer legislation that changed the law for survivors of sexual abuse, sexual assault, sexual harassment and set the foundations for the landmark legislation that started the movement for rape justice.

A widely respected legal expert on sexual assault, sexual harassment, sexual abuse for breaking news cases of the day, Shari has appeared on CNN, MSNBC, HLN, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox Television, ABC Primetime, The Today Show, Inside Edition, CI, TruTV, Oprah, CBC (Canada), and hundreds of other television and radio shows. She gives legal commentary on trending legal issues and cases in the news today, and gives commentary on cases ranging from The Harvey Weinstein Sexual Assault/Sexual Harassment Case, to allegations against President Donald Trump for sexual assault. She has been a legal analyst and commentator for top breaking legal stories for 15 years.

Shari’s work on behalf of sexual abuse victims was the subject of an NBC TV-movie called Shattered Trust, The Shari Karney Story. National ratings showed that every third television in America was tuned to Shari’s compelling story. After the movie aired, NBC and their affiliates were inundated with thousands of calls from people who wanted to contact Shari. They all asked when and where they could see her. Child Help USA received so many calls after the movie, that their phone lines went down. The Capitol switchboard in Washington, D.C., was flooded with calls of people who wanted to have their voices heard. They all asked for Shari’s bill to be passed nationally. Governor Jerry Brown signed the bill into law on 28 September 2016, after it received bipartisan support and praise from law enforcement and women’s rights advocates.

Shari Karney consulted with the California Women’s Law Center on the “Cosby Bill” to eliminate the criminal statute of limitations for victims of rape, sexual assault and continuous child sexual abuse, to give victims the justice they so desperately seek and have too long been deprived of in California. Governor Jerry Brown signed the legislation into law (SB 813) on 28 October 2016.

It can take years for victims of child sexual abuse, rape, and sexual violence, to feel strong enough to take action so that their perpetrators are held accountable. Legislation SB 813 gives victims a chance to have their day in court.

Shari Karney is the President and Founder of ROAR as ONE, Inc. a non profit dedicated to education, prevention, and creation of civil and human rights for survivors.

Ms. Karney would like to eliminate both the criminal and civil statute of limitations nationwide for victims of sexual assault, rape and continuous child sexual abuse.

Currently, Ms. Karney is working on a historic landmark Federal Civil Rights legislation to protect the human and civil rights of victims of sexual assault, harassment, rape, and continuous childhood sexual abuse. For the first time in history, victims of sexual assault, sexual harassment, and continuous child sexual abuse, would have their rights constitutionally protected under the United States Constitution.