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Feel Empowered Feel Empowered
Feel Empowered Heal Burnout
Feel Empowered Nourish And Support Your Team

The Ideal Keynote to Open Your Conference to Feature Patient-Centered Care and Improving the Patient Experience

“Moving and Powerful. “BRILLIANT, intense, thought provoking.” “Such a beautiful message told with compassion and courage! “Riveting!” “Every healthcare worker should hear her story! “Thank you!” “A story about the impact of human kindness and compassion, a message of gratitude.” —San Diego Center for Children


Content covered in Shari Karney’s healthcare keynotes

  • Patient-Centered Care
  • Transform Patient Lives
  • Stimulate and Boost People Centered Healthcare
  • The Impact of Healthcare Worker Kindness on Patient Experience
  • Regain Your Passion for A Lifetime Dedicated to Healthcare
  • Provide Calm in a Time of Chaos
  • Heal Burnout in Healthcare Workers
  • Nourish, Support and Honor Your Healthcare Professionals
  • Thrive in Uncertain times
  • Sustain Compassionate Care Patient Interaction
  • Increase Patient Satisfaction –Compassionate Care Affects the Bottom Line
  • Tools to Nurture Your Self
  • Protect Resiliency for Healthcare Workers
  • Goal:  Raise Patient Satisfaction Scores

Keynote Length: Up to 60 minutes

“Kindness, compassion and soul heal the places that medicine cannot.” — SHARI KARNEY

“Everyone that is part of the healthcare experience needs to feel valued, even those healthcare professionals who do not have direct patient contact. When each person in the patient’s healthcare universe is caring, compassionate and kind, the patients experience is amazing—healing and inspirational. The healthcare professionals, workers and team need to be honored and supported. We nourish the healthcare workers and professionals and they nurture the patients. I show you how to “pay it forward”. Care, compassion and kindness heal where medicine leaves off. My focus is to nourish and support the healthcare team, improve and inspire resiliency. The goal is to help healthcare professionals deal with burnout, greater demands made on fewer people, and to spark renewed passion for a lifetime dedicated to healthcare. Giving to healthcare professionals means improving the patient experience.

I am a cancer survivor whose life has been inextricably altered while undeniably blessed by the healthcare providers and professionals that saved my life. I understand that the compassion, kindness and love that I received from healthcare professionals were an integral part of my recovery.

It’s personal for me. My life was saved not once, but twice! It’s about honoring and giving back to those that loved without reservation, cared without condition, and healed without restraint. I understand the issue, both from the perspective of the patient and from the perspective of the healthcare professional.

I speak to a broad range of groups including physicians, fellows, nurses and nurse practitioners, scientist, researchers, medical foundations, leadership teams, technologists, IT professionals, and more.”


Outstanding for Retreats/Events Honoring and Appreciating Healthcare Professionals

  • Events for Giving Back to Healthcare Professionals…Even Those Who Do Not Have Direct Patient Contact
  • Awards Events
  • Physician Retreats & Conferences
  • Nursing Conferences
  • All-Staff Events
  • Events for Healthcare Workers and Professionals to Feel Valued Who Do Not Have Direct Contact With Patients To feel Valued and Part of the Patient Experience
  • Giving Back Events for the Entire Healthcare Team
  • and Much More…

Shari Karney is an inspiring motivational speaker and author. Her keynotes have inspired audiences across America with her never give up attitude. Shari found peace, purpose and happiness after overcoming extraordinary personal tragedy.

I’ve learned how to transform my pain and take control of my life. If I can do this with my own life and what I went through imagine what you can do with yours.When you are facing a struggle in your life, that is where courage, determination, relentlessness enters. It is through our greatest adversity, that we unearth our greatest gift. Never forgot who you are–a warrior woman, who has survived the scars of battle, wiser and fiercer. Never let the wrongdoer, do you in. For then they have won. There are many ways to win the war. And so I say, it’s not my past that has changed but my relationship to it that has–– Shari Karney

Shari has dedicated her speaking career to change, adversity and success–inspiring participates with the tools to more effectively manage their lives. Her mission is to bring transformation to individual, businesses and communities. Shari’s presentations inspire people to discover their inner resources to overcome any obstacle, no matter how challenging. Combining her experience as an entrepreneur with a triumphant personal history Shari moves attendees to reach beyond their own perceived limitations. When individuals push themselves beyond their own perceived limits, facing difficult challenges, never giving up, everyone around them becomes inspired. Hope and optimism are infectious and hold the keys to personal and professional success.

Shari knows first-hand the power of hope in coping with adversity and overcoming hardship. Her story is one of resilience and redemption. At three years of age, Shari mother attempted to murder Shari. Shari was sexually abused by her father, physically tortured by her mother and at age 6 was raped by another family member. She repressed all memory of these challenging events, until she was an attorney, during her first trial defending a three-year old child who had been molested by her father.