Triumph Over Adversity
Heal Through Compassion
Live With Courage

  • Shari Karney uses her legal expertise to champion the rights of women and children. She has used her experience in and out of the courthouse to help pioneer legislation and change laws for survivors of sexual abuse as well as set the foundation for the landmark legislation that started the movement for rape justice. Through her personal story of abuse and “living behind the curtain”, her professional successes and her recent battle and victory over cancer have all led Shari to one goal. That goal is to help women find their voice!
  • Shari uses her voice as a national spokesperson, speaker and advocate for abuse survivors. Her mission is clear, to give a voice to the voiceless and empower women to not feel silenced, invisible, talked over, talked down to and passed over. By finding your voice every woman can overcome.


  • Shari is the founder of the S.H.E. movement to help women speak, heal and empower. She has always had a passion for catapulting individuals and organizations toward success, mastery and fulfillment. As a keynote speaker, Shari provides an exceptional blend of business acumen, clarity, and compassion.
  • Shari Karney’s programs are packed with valuable, life changing content. Blending powerful life lessons with riveting, insightful, and awe-inspiring stories and practical tools for people to instantly use to transform and manage their lives.