Triumph Over Adversity
Heal Through Compassion
Live With Courage

“We are not fallen soldiers but warriors in the fight to save another’s life because that life saved is our own.  We are one. Be part of the love, part of the whole, and part of the healing.” – Shari Karney

Overcoming Adversity – Expert in Resilience

It’s not my past that has changed but my relationship to it that has. I have found peace, purpose and happiness after overcoming extraordinary personal tragedy. I’ve learned how to transform my pain and take control of my life. If I can do this with my own life and what I went through, imagine what you can do with yours.

When you are facing a struggle in your life, that is where courage, determination, relentlessness enters. It is through our greatest adversity that we unearth our greatest gift. Never forget who you are–a warrior woman, who has survived the scars of battle, wiser and fiercer. Never let the wrongdoer, do you in, for then they have won.

I have dedicated my speaking career to change, adversity and success, inspiring participants with the tools to more effectively manage their lives, businesses, and communities. When individuals push themselves beyond their own perceived limits, everyone around them becomes inspired. Hope and optimism are infectious and hold the keys to personal and professional success. S.H.E. Speak.Heal. Empower. Join us.

In this keynote Shari will inspire participants to:

  • Master Courage
  • Inspire Women to Speak Up
  • Strengthen Resilience
  • Ignite the Power of Empowerment
  • Thrive with Grace
  • Feel Empowered…More Beautiful Than Before
  • Deepen Unconditional Love for Yourself.
  • Discover that Your Greatest Gift is Hidden in the Most Difficult Part of Your Past
  • Amplify Speaking Up & Speaking Out Safely
  • Activate Perseverance & Bravery
  • Engage Women to Support Each Other
  • Discover That You Are More Beautiful Than Before
  • Unearth Your Inner Hero

Keynote Length: Up to 60 minutes