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Comments on Church, institution, school events of Child Molesting–Shari Karney talks about

This interview with Shari Karney, Esq. , attorney and commentator makes remarks of opinion of a kind like a public letter on the subject of child molesting, and in specific reference the recent Sandusky trial. There is American national attention to the often secret subject of child molesting and the child molester. Attorney Shari Karney of Santa Monica, California has been working on this kind of case with others in the United States and especially California, almost in the manner of a Crusade. Perhaps as a Crusade, for the interview has tones of the Crusade against this evil of the sexual predator.

She writes in her biography written for this introduction to the interview:

Shari Karney, Esq. is an attorney and member of the State Bar of California for 22 years, a survivor of incest, and an advocate for children’s rights. She keynotes at events around the world, speaks on college and university campuses and law schools. Shari is the author of the soon to be released book, Prey No Longer–A Step-by-Step Action Guide for Survivors of Sexual Abuse.

The interview was held recently with discussion of doing same starting the week of June 11, 2012 by this writer and lasted approximately more than an hour by phone from Mill Valley, California to her office in Santa Monica, California. It consisted of two conversation blocks.

June 25, 2012

1.1. Peter Menkin: Let us look at some of the aspects of child molesting issue as you see the matter of the Sandusky trial. Now that the trial has a verdict, let us imagine it is still at deliberation, and imagine that you have an opportunity as a public person to comment from the jury box as one who is a professional commentator on child molesting issues. Also from this imaginary jury box, comment as an attorney who represents people and their families that have been victims of child molesting. Specifics and even a case in subject are invited.

Attorney Shari Karney: I am so excited and it gives me real hope for victims and survivors that there is justice and they will be believed. This is a great victory for victims. Sandusky had 9 counts against him on deviant sexual intercourse, indecent assault. He is going to jail, and he is never going to get out. I was worried that they wouldn’t convict him. I have represented victims of child abuse for 20 years, and I was a commentator on the Michael Jackson child molesting case in 2005. It was a criminal case for sexually abusing, assaulting, molesting a boy. Michael Jackson’s defense was though I slept in the same bed with the children, I did not touch them sexually.

Penn State Sandusky Freeh Report on Child Molesting–Shari Karney speaks out

Do the other players in the Sandusky case of scandal need to be prosecuted for facilitating Sandusky for perpetrating the illicit abuse of boys as child molester?

Shari Karney: The Sandusky child sexual abuse report done by Freeh shows that the President Spanier, Senior Vice President, Finance and Business, Gary Schultz, Athletic Director, Timothy Curley, and Head Football Coach, Joe Paterno—all showed they failed to protect helpless child victims and showed a total disregard for these victims. To me it makes them silent partners. And a silent partner is someone who lives with, is related to, knows, sees, hears, that a child is being sexually abused and does nothing. As silent partners they are co-conspirators, and should be held equally guilty. As human beings, I find them equally culpable. They are enablers. Evil prevails when good men do nothing. The other silent partner that no one has talked about is Dottie Sandusky, his wife.

Child molesting and Sundusky, the normal family, and child abusers–Shari Karney speaks out

Shari Karney, Esq. legislative crusader and defender of molested children   This interview with Shari Karney, attorney and commentator contains adult content of an explicit sexual kind. Know it holds some graphic statements about child molesting. That kind of material in an interview of a kind dealing with issues in the news today, like the […]

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