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Inspirational Keynotes for College Women, Sororities, Women’s Centers, School Organizations, Campus Health Center

“Stunning. Authentic. Captivating. Emotional. Heartwarming. Triumphant and nothing short of contagious…” Hailed by audiences as “life-changing”, passion inducing,” “extraordinary, “bold”. These words describe Shari’s live college presentation. “She is a unique talent with a singular story that is unlike anything you’ve experienced. Don’t miss it.”

— Jean O’Leary, Co-Chair Diversity Council

Shari Karney spoke to 260 freshman students at (OLLU). The students had so many questions because Shari “CONNECTED with them” in an intuitive manner.  After the presentation, there was a line of students that wanted to meet her and ask questions.Our goal was to reach first generation students about sexual assault and consent.  Shari went “beyond our goal” and she left a “powerful impression” not just for our students but to faculty and staff at OLLU.  Thank you, Shari.”

Cynthia Squiabro, MSW, Confidential Adviser, OLLU

The hottest topic on college campuses today isn’t the next great job opportunity at Google or the latest college football rankings; unfortunately headlines are highlighting sexual assault on campuses, date rape and other forms of relationship violence on campus. While there is endless media attention about the problem, few people are discussing tangible solutions. In this amazing and important presentation, Shari Karney starts what becomes an ongoing dialogue, asking young men and women the simple question, What kind of person will you chose to be? How do we reduce the risk of campus sexual assault, how do we empower women to speak up, speak out, take action. Using our voice. How do we create change? What does Title IX require? And, what next? The solution.
Shari teaches college women the enlightening power of S.H.E. Speak. Heal. Empower–Helping women find their voice and speak up. Our voices coming together in a shared experience so that every woman feels safe, heard, supported and listened to. Learning how to feel okay with saying “no.” The heavy consequences when the “no” isn’t heard. Finding unconditional love for yourself. Discovering that your greatest gift is hidden in the most difficult part of your past.

“I’m here, I’m with you. I’m all yours. I feel your pain, I share your heart.“ – Shari Karney

Shari knows first-hand the power of hope in coping with adversity and overcoming hardship. Her story is one of resilience and redemption. At three years of age, Shari mother attempted to murder Shari. Shari was sexually abused by her father, physically tortured by her mother and at age 6 was raped by another family member. She repressed all memory of these challenging events, until she was an attorney, during her first trial defending a three-year old child who had been molested by her father.
Shari was date raped while in college and sexually assaulted by a professor as a first year law student. A leading politician and another powerful political figure sexually harassed her.There is an art to finding grace in adversity. Shari teaches college audiences how to find their inner hero, to find their voice, to speak up, speak out, to persevere and handle the unexpected, to innovate and successfully navigate challenges.

“When your mind tries to tell you there is no hope-there is always hope” – Shari Karney

Shari specializes in helping college women transform their lives to feel happier, inspired, listened to, respected and understood. You will experience profound results.Ultimately, the goal is to learn to harness the tools needed to live with passion, focus, while, at the same time, bringing our heart and humanity to each other. Shari Karney is a top lawyer and an indefatigable force who uses her legal expertise to champion the rights of women, changing laws that give women equal rights and justice. She does so with passion and heart. Shari is a driving influence who had the courage to get laws passed and used her experience in and out of the courthouse to help pioneer landmark legislation that changed the law for survivors of sexual abuse and set the foundations for breakthrough legislation that started the movement for sexual assault justice.


In this keynote Shari will inspire participants to:

  • Master Adversity
  • Teach Women to Find & Use Their Voice
  • Activate Oneness with Other Women
  • Ignite A Revolution To Reconstruct A Community of Strong Women Supporting One Another
  • Amplify Speaking Together in a Shared Experience so that Every Woman Feels Safe, Heard, Believed, Supported and Listened to.
  • Learn How to Feel Okay with Saying “No.” The Heavy Consequences When the “No” Isn’t Heard.
  • Deepen Unconditional Love for Yourself.
  • Discover that Your Greatest Gift is Hidden in the Most Difficult Part of Your Past
  • Catapult College Women Toward Success, Mastery and Fulfillment.
  • Discover That You Are More Beautiful Than Before
  • Unearth Your Inner Hero

Shari Karney is a Social Entrepreneur and Founder of ROAR as ONE. A non-profit focusing on the rights of action for survivors of all forms of sexual assault, rape, child sexual abuse, sexual violence and disrespect.  ROAR (Rise, Organize, Act, Against Rape, Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment) was created to restore dignity and defend the right to pursue happiness for every person who has suffered through sexual violation and has been silenced and manipulated for the pleasure of others.Shari’s goal is to ensure equality under the law for survivors of sexual assault and abuse. To create a society and government to defend these rights and allow all voices to speak and be heard.

Shari is a beacon of hope by choosing to turn adversity into triumph, to find inspiration where others might only find pain, and forge a truly significant life; she is an inspiring reminder that the best is yet to come.
Her Motto…

Triumph through Change – Thrive with Grace – Feel Empowered…More Beautiful Than Before

Keynote Length: Up to 60 minutes

“ I’ve learned how to transform my pain and take control of my life. If I can do this with my own life and what I went through imagine what you can do with yours. When you are facing a struggle in your life, that is where courage, determination, relentlessness enters. It is through our greatest adversity, that we unearth our greatest gift and emerge more beautiful than before. And so I say, it’s not my past that has changed but my relationship to it that has”– Shari Karney


I speak to a broad range of college audiences including:

  • Sororities and Fraternities
  • Athletes
  • Women’s Centers & Campus Organizations
  • Student Organizations
  • Mental Health
  • Orientation Week
  • Health & Wellness
  • Stress Management