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Empowering children about child abuse, a video–Shari Karney speaks out about


Comment on some of the agencies and non-profits that are engaged in educating and advocating against child abuse and molesting. You as a crusader for child rights and against child abuse take on various cases as an attorney. Is there an organization that you are connected with, too, that you will tell us about briefly?

Shari Karney: I like Child Help USA www.childhelp.org because they provide a haven for neglected and abused children. Also they are involved with education and protection. SNAP (Survivor Network of those Abused by Priests): www.snapnetwork.org is a network for those abused by Priests and Churches. The National Crime Victim Bar Association: www.victimbar.org puts a lot of energy into educating attorneys, helping crime victims with attorney referrals for civil lawsuits. National Center for Victims of Crime: www.ncvc.org helps victims of all types of crime. If you have been victimized, this is a good place to start. With their specialized DNA program, Stalking Center, and Youth Initiative program, it’s a safe place for crime victims (especially youth) to get information and support. California Protective Parents Association: www.protectiveparents.com protects and works with those who are victims of incest and family violence.

Our time needs to be spent educating caretakers, educating parents. We want to cut down on children being prey to opportunistic predators, which all child molesters are. We can’t just lay this on the parents, because it’s bigger than the parents. You can’t lock your children up 24 hours a day. Children (without being graphic), can be educated on what the rules are and what adults can and can’t do. Let’s teach our kids how to honor their gut feelings; How to stay safe, how to alert a trusted adult when something is Yucky, or doesn’t feel right. We want to empower our kids before they are in a dangerous situation. I don’t think parents should be expected to do all this on their own. We all need to pitch in and power up.

Are you working on a current case that has to do with child molesting. Is it another high profile case? Will you be telling us more about this new legal case you are taking up?

Shari Karney: Yes I am currently working on a high profile case. What happens when the protector is the perpetrator? What happens when the powerful is the perpetrator? If case development permits, I will be talking about these civil lawsuits in the future. The sums involved are millions of dollars.

Facebook, Twitter, and Google “There’s no room on the web anymore for predators of children.”

Facebook, Twitter, and Google “There’s no room on the web anymore for predators of children.” Our children’s lives are in your hands. Protect children over profits. The Web’s Big 3 can take a stand against images of child sexual abuse to stop pedophiles and pornographers from selling child pornography. More needs to be done. These […]