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Child Care Center where children are sexually assaulted–Shari Karney Speaks out About


Stand by your Children

Richard Cliber, 60, is accused of touching a 6 year old boy, an 8 year old girl, a 4 year old girl, and a 5 year old boy when his wife went to run errands or was in another room. The children each told authorities, Richard Cliber used an instrument to assault them. How did the police find out? One of the parents of a child who went to the school called the police. Apparently, this Day Care Center was closed by the State four years ago. So how is it that parents enrolled their children in a Day Care Center that has been closed by the State? I just think parents have too much on their plate. They are running to work, running to drop their children off, trying to get it together.

And what the State says, What more could we do but close them down. We thought they were closed down, already. What happens is that children, childhood, and lives destroyed because parents didn’t check if the Day Care Center was licensed. And the State not checking to see if in fact they were still operating. We have children hurt in the wake of the illegal operation of a Day Care Center. I’ve seen better accountability, and better oversight done by the State and by parents doing research regarding a dog or animal safety.

An Innocent Children’s Show Does Not Promote Child Abuse

The image on the screen was of the Supreme Court ruling in favor of gay marriage. Is an image of a happy couple- straight or homosexual- a promulgation of child abuse? That is what one Christian radio host would have us believe. Host Bryan Fischer remarked upon the most recent cover of The New Yorker […]

Toddlers & Tiaras–Part 2

It is given that there is a look to the model, especially the model of clothes. One maxim for this kind of look is that the model shows the clothes, not that the clothes show the model. But in this Paris Vogue, the ten year old girls in these photos are young and beautiful–very young. Young and skinny, but of course. Yet the note for them as the model as object of fashion perfection is not what they wear, but how they look: beautiful, sexy, and hot. To your way of thinking is this a means of exploiting children for the purposes of a kind of prurient delight and to sell magazines?

Shari Karney: Like the adage, You can never be too young, too thin, or too rich. But Kids apparently, in the fashion business you can never be too young. The sexploitation of children to sell clothes, fashion and perfume, leads to a viewing of children as objects of sexual desire. It dehumanizes children. It takes away the idea of a child being innocent. Predators do not see children as innocent, and often blame the child for the sexual abuse. And makes children potential victims of child sexual abuse. Little girls in erotic pose and dress makes even adult males excited, so studies indicate. French Vogue using little girls as adults crosses the line and appeals to the potential predator in many males.

Ray Donovan: Showtime-We Salute You!

Ray Donovan: Showtime-We Salute You! While Donovan does the dirty work for LA’s top power players, he still holds the Catholic Church’s feet to the fire, for childhood sexual abuse. Our hats are off and I give my personal thank you, to Ann Biderman, writer and creator of Ray Donovan on Showtime. Although superstars, athletes, […]

Pope Francis Criminalizing Sexual Abuse of Children-TOO LITTLE TOO LATE?

We applaud the Pope’s action, but wonder, “Is it too little, too late?” Pope Francis recently brought the Vatican up to speed this past Thursday when it comes to laws regarding sexual abuse in children. The Pope has finally laid down a law that makes it a crime to abuse children sexually or physically on Vatican […]