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Mysterious, dark shadows of parent sexual abusers–Shari Karney Speaks out about

1.In this quotation from the News-Advance of Lynchburg, Virginia it is clear that there is something mysterious and even hidden in dark shadows as character when parents are sexual abusers. After looking over the excerpt, please comment on two things: (1) What kind of person, both by characteristic and by moral character makes a good description of the parents who are sexual abusers? (2) Where do these acts by parents usually take place, and if there are not specific spots, how do you describe some of the ways and places of the acts of child molesting? Can you give us a case study?

The kind of person who does this to a child are fathers, uncles, neighbors, step-fathers, football coaches, athletes and the guy next door. Child sexual abusers are all races, all religions, all economic levels and in every neighborhood across the United States and around the world. It is epidemic. I believe it has always been this way. Now the victims are brave enough to step forward. It is not the poor, or people of color or people who live in certain neighborhoods. It is everywhere in every race, class, gender, and sexual orientation.

When we talk about sexual acts by parents against their own children, they tend to take place in private, wherever an adult who is a sexual abuser has the opportunity and the privacy to perpetrate. There is a difference between a child molester and a pedophile. Most incest aggressors are child molesters or abusers. Where you find pedophiles—they have a different thought process and pattern. Pedophiles believe they are having a love relationship with a child. It’s the Michael Jackson comment: “I love children.” “I love sleeping in the same bed with children.” “I love bringing them cookies.” It’s Sandusky. They are serial child predators that are pedophiles. Incest aggressors are your more typical parent child molester. They do it for power and control. But the parent is more interested in feeling better about themselves: Having an outlet for their frustration, their feeling of helplessness. Some parents do it because it feels good and they can get away with it.

Metro airport security problem with 3 year old–Shari Karney speaks out about

1.1. What is the kind of sacrifice and balance airport security needs in their training to better deal with their searches of children. Especially searching a three-year old girl child like Mandy? Are they, the TSA, going too far. Importantly, is this action of theirs really child molesting, and if not, please define for this incident how it is not, if it is not?

Shari Karney: The TSA has not taken seriously enough the dignity of children, as well as all human beings. I believe in airport security. But I believe airport security has gone way passed the personal dignity, integrity of passengers attempting to board airplanes. Especially children. I understand why the type of stop-and-frisk that was done on this three-year-old led the public and the parents to believe this is a form of child molesting or abuse. I would have to concur that it really threatens to cross the line, or has crossed the line. Personally, I was horrified by the video—to watch an adult assault a child in this manner. The law would consider this a battery. Not enough has been done to protect the rights of parents, children, and passengers attempting to board airplanes.

Olympic swimming & their coaches: Sometimes sexual predators–Shari Karney Speaks Out

We need to use the proper language: Calling this a relationship implies it is between consenting adults. You don’t have a consenting relationship between a 13-year old swimmer and a 33 year old Olympic coach. This is another Sandusky coach-predator action except this one is taking place in the swimming pool instead of the shower. Again, a coach preys on a child athlete. The 13-year old is an Olympic Swimmer named Kelley Davies Currin. She is now 43-years old. She stifled this for 23 years because she signed a piece of paper when she was nineteen.

In my opinion where a coach sexually molests a 13-year old girl for four years, and is around pre-pubescent girls in bathing suits all the time…it is likely there are going to be other victims. I find it highly unlikely that Kelley is the only one. With Sandusky, after the first boy came forward, nine other child victims followed and told their harrowing stories.

I would like to support swimmers, children and child athletes to give them the strength to come forward and speak out. I am asking for an investigation by U.S. Olympics Committee and FBI and lets hope that Louis Freeh does a report. The FBI needs to investigate since adult predators cross State lines with their child/teen Olympic Contenders, and even cross to foreign countries.