By Shari Karney While I tepidly commend Kevin Spacey for his tepid apology to Anthony Rapp, then a 14-year old boy allegedly sexually assaulted by a then 26-year-old Spacey, his conflation of sexual predacity with homosexuality is dangerous and reinforces dated and dangerous stereotypes. Trying to hide under the rainbow by blaming one’s sexual orientation […]


Those of us who have suffered the humiliation of sexual assault, sexual harassment, sexual violence, and child sexual abuse are not going to take it anymore.  That pretty much includes every woman on the planet. No one knew about Harvey Weinstein? Give me a break. In 2004, The New York Times “gutted” a story about […]

Larry Nassar’s sexual abuse victims finally get their days in court!

“Sister Survivors-Your Voice Means Everything” The Victims Gymnasts Lindsey Lemke can’t remember the first time her team doctor Larry Nassar sexually abused her.  She was only 13 when she started seeing Dr. Nassar for back and hip issues for six years. She decided to break silence in July 2017 in a story for Cosmopolitan where […]

“Legitimate Rape” and the aftermath of Election 2012

By: Alana Chazan, Esq. 11/13/2012 For many, the 2012 election will be remembered as the “rape” election. Rape, which had generally been regarded as a bipartisan issue that both parties stood against, turned out to be the surprise issue of the election. By and large, it was the Republicans who seemed to keep bringing the […]

SANDUSKY’S DOUBLE LIFE–The Life of a Child Predator

The question on everyone’s mind is why did Penn State Football coach, Sandusky, allegedly molest little boys? What makes adults sexually abuse children?

Unfortunately, the answer is simple: Child molesters are predators and they roam, hunt and kill to feed their own sexual pleasure. They are opportunistic sexual capitalists.

I get asked all the time. Aren’t child sexual abusers sick, mentally ill? After all, what normal person would do this to a child? Sorry to break it to you but unfortunately, most child sexual predators are mentally alert, stable, and of right mind. Remember, they are sexual opportunists– they are not sick or mentally ill.

PENN STATE–A Failure of Power-Speaking up for the Child Victims

Penn State-SILENT PARTNERS-It’s Not Enough to Fire Coach Paterno and the University President!

Shame on All the Silent Partners-Shame on Us

“Evil Prevails when good men do nothing” Edmund Burke

Blog from Shari Karney, Esq.

How did Former Penn State Football coach, Jerry Sandusky manage to prey upon young boys using Penn State as his personal Neverland?

Trying the Pope at The Hague For Human Rights Violations – It’s About Time!


I believe that the prosecutor at The Hague-based International Criminal Court (ICC) should investigate Catholic Church officials including Pope Benedict XVI for crimes against humanity related to the widespread systematic concealment and cover up of sexual abuse of children.

According to a statement from the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP) and the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR),

Boy Scouts claim kids safer with them than at home–Shari Karney Speaks Out About

LOS ANGELES (CNN) — The Boy Scouts of America released a study Wednesday that claims children were safer from sex abuse in the Scouts than when at home or school.

The report was prepared by a psychiatric expert hired by the Scouts to review so-called “perversion files” kept by the organization from 1970 to 1991.

A newspaper review of the files published last week said they showed scouting officials “failed to report hundreds of alleged child molesters to police and often hid the allegations from parents and the public.”

Child Care Center where children are sexually assaulted–Shari Karney Speaks out About


Stand by your Children

Richard Cliber, 60, is accused of touching a 6 year old boy, an 8 year old girl, a 4 year old girl, and a 5 year old boy when his wife went to run errands or was in another room. The children each told authorities, Richard Cliber used an instrument to assault them. How did the police find out? One of the parents of a child who went to the school called the police. Apparently, this Day Care Center was closed by the State four years ago. So how is it that parents enrolled their children in a Day Care Center that has been closed by the State? I just think parents have too much on their plate. They are running to work, running to drop their children off, trying to get it together.

And what the State says, What more could we do but close them down. We thought they were closed down, already. What happens is that children, childhood, and lives destroyed because parents didn’t check if the Day Care Center was licensed. And the State not checking to see if in fact they were still operating. We have children hurt in the wake of the illegal operation of a Day Care Center. I’ve seen better accountability, and better oversight done by the State and by parents doing research regarding a dog or animal safety.