Shari Karney is widely recognized as one of the most passionate, devoted and relentless lawyers to represent survivors of sexual harassment, sexual assault and child sexual abuse.

Shari is a trailblazer in representing victims of sexual assault, sexual misconduct and child sexual abuse. She pioneered landmark legal victory for victims of childhood sexual abuse and assault in California so that victims now have extended legal rights to take action against predators. Shari went on to overcome great personal and legal hurdles to change the law in California, extending the statute of limitations so that victims of childhood sexual abuse now have expanded legal rights and can use civil litigation to seek justice in California.


Recently Shari Karney consulted with the California Women’s Law Center on the “Cosby Bill” to eliminate the criminal statute of limitations for victims of rape, sexual assault and continuous child sexual abuse, to give victims the justice they so desperately seek and have too long been deprived of in California. Governor Jerry Brown signed the legislation into law (SB 813) on September 28th, 2016.


It can take years for victims of sexual harassment, sexual assault, child sexual abuse, rape, and sexual violence, to feel strong enough to take action so that their perpetrators are held accountable. Legislation SB 813 gives victims a chance to have their day in court.


Shari is also a survivor. She understands what survivors are going through and she is easy to talk to and trust. Shari was one of the first lawyers (and victims) to speak out publicly on national television. In doing so, she is a model for breaking through silence, shame and self-blame. She is a lawyer who understands the complex emotional issues and struggles faced by survivors of sexual harassment, sexual assault, childhood sexual abuse, rape, sexual misconduct, abuse or trauma of any kind. How to overcome, change, and heal. Coupled with her objective knowledge of the law, Shari’s compassion and empathy makes her an ideal and supportive attorney and spokesperson for sexual assault survivors. She can help survivors and victims of sexual harassment, sexual abuse, sexual assault speak their truth while protecting survivors from the push-back, denial, victim blaming, shame,  guilt, feeling responsible, self-blame that victims feel. While dealing with the cultural response to these issues, Shari is an expert at speaking up for the truth while holding predators, perpetrators and pedophiles responsible for the abuse you suffered and seek justice for you where appropriate.


Surviving trauma has a profound impact on a survivor’s life. Because of the nuances and multi-faceted recovery process for clients at certain stages of healing, it is recommended that clients develop a strong support system while going through the legal process.


Although a civil lawsuit can be an important part of the healing journey, counseling and other support systems are necessary as a victim enters into the challenges of a confrontation such as a legal process. Shari’s goal is to minimize the trauma while maximize healing, recovery and justice. Legal action is just one prong on the healing journey.


Her mission is to help victims take back their power and heal.

We are connected through the bonds of shared experience and, together we speak as one heart, one soul, one voice.
-- Shari Karney