The Beginning

Shari attended Loyola Law School in Los Angeles and graduated with honors.  Dead broke buried with a boatload of student loans, she  landed a job at an Aviation Law firm handling airplane crashes. It was the only firm that offered her a job. All her clients were dead. Shari was the only female lawyer in the firm and the only non-pilot attorney. All the men in the firm had flown in the military or had been commercial airline pilots or civilian cargo pilots.

Shari began moonlighting at a women’s domestic violence clinic because she told herself that she cared about women’s issues. But today, she realizes it was so much more. A social worker heard about her work at the clinic and visited her unexpectedly one day. She asked Shari to take “Katie’s case”. Katie was a three-year-old child who was being sexually abused by her father during weekend visitation. At first Shari refused, because she didn’t want to get involved. Once she met little Katie, Shari couldn’t refuse to help her. During the process of taking on Katie’s case, haunting memories from her childhood began to surface and from that moment on her life’s mission was changed forever.

We are connected through the bonds of shared experience and, together we speak as one heart, one soul, one voice.
-- Shari Karney