Hailed by audiences as “life-changing” “riveting” “courageous” “inspirational” and “deeply moving”, Shari’s message of courage, compassion and resilience resonates with audiences long after the event or television appearance.

Shari’s connection “I’m here, I’m with you. I’m all yours. I feel your pain, I share your heart.”

Shari Karney is an attorney, speaker, entrepreneur, and activist for victims’ rights. Since graduating from UCLA Summa Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa and Loyola Law School, she has been an attorney, professor and legal analyst on the news, speaking about newsbreaking cases of the day including sexual harassment, sexual assault,  child abuse, sexual assault, domestic violence, and other hot-button legal issues.


Shari’s own inspirational and riveting story was the subject of an NBC Television Movie entitled: Shattered Trust: The Shari Karney Story. One of NBC’S top 10 highest rated television movies. The movie about Shari Karney attracted 12 million viewers in the United States and 18 million viewers worldwide. Men and women, who had never told a soul about what happened to them as children, were breaking the silence and speaking out to Shari personally. NBC did a satellite media tour with over 100 TV appearances with media around the country. Shari spoke with survivors, spouses and family members of survivors and has since been an outspoken supporter and advocate for victims and their rights.


Shari has appeared as a guest on The Today Show, ABC’s PrimeTime with Diane Sawyer, The Weekend Today Show, HLN, True TV, Biography Channel, Inside Edition, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, and with Harvey Levin. Shari was featured in the New York Times Sunday Magazine Section, in the Los Angeles Times, Glamour Magazine, The Hollywood Reporter, Variety Magazine, TV Guide and hundreds of other publications in the United States, England, Ireland, Australia and throughout the English-speaking world.


Shari’s accomplishments extend far beyond the reach of television. Karney, with her never give up attitude, managed to overcome great personal and legal hurdles to change the law in California so that victims of childhood sexual abuse now have legal rights. Not stopping there, Shari worked with 40 other states so that survivors across the nation now have legal rights as well. Karney lobbied and testified in Washington D.C. for a Children’s Bill of Rights.


Since then, Shari has done dozens of television appearances about hot cases about sexual assault, sexual harassment, child sexual abuse, sexual misconduct including the Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Bill Cosby, Donald Trump allegations, the O.J. Simpson case, the Michael Jackson child sexual abuse case and was the lead attorney in the syndicated Fox Television reality court show “Power of Attorney” where Shari appeared with other major attorneys including Gloria Allred, Lisa Bloom, Christopher Darden and Marcia Clark.  Karney is the recipient of the Appeal for Love Award, by ChildHelp USA, the NGRA Humanitarian Award, and the It Takes A Village Award. She has been honored at the White House during Bill Clinton’s presidency.


Shari’s first book, Prey No Longer, a legal action guide for survivors of sexual assault, has been highly acclaimed in an early review. One reporter wrote, “She continues to inspire others as the author of Prey No Longer, showing survivors of trauma how to take the next step. This is a wake-up call for anyone who has been sexually assaulted, harassed or abused.” Currently, Shari’s memoir, The Girl Behind the Curtain, Twisted Obsession, Love & Law…One Woman’s Journey is due to be released Spring, 2018. Shari says she’s seen behind the curtain and she can’t go back.


“When your mind tries to tell you there is no hope-there is always hope”–– Shari Karney

“The way to heal is to help others heal with compassion, love and hope. We are not fallen soldiers but warriors in the fight to save another’s life because that life saved is our own. We are one. You are worthy of love, you matter. Sleep well, love well, eat well. You deserve well being, love, respect. Love yourself, love each other, we stand together, we speak as one. You are no longer alone. We are here, we are with you, we’ve got you.”


Shari believes deeply in the power of community, compassion and support. Shari is the founder of a revolutionary new civil rights movement that creates the human right to be free to sexual assault, sexual violence and sexual abuse.


Today, Shari is working with a team of dedicated women lawyers to protect the human and civil rights of women and all victims of sexual assault, sexual harassment, and continuous childhood sexual abuse. For the first time in history, victims of sexual assault, rape, and continuous child sexual abuse, would have their rights protected under the United States Constitution as a human right!


Karney has always had a passion for helping others reach their goal. Today, Shari travels the U.S. and is expanding her speaking worldwide, delivering her inspirational message to a wide range of audiences. She is extremely passionate about her work and she has accomplished it all by her powerful message of S.H.E. Speak. Heal. Empower.